Sometimes you just have to laugh.

A photo of a naked man on top of a shark went viral over the weekend, and everyone immediately thought it was Florida coach Jim McElwain on Twitter.

That’s how social media works, right? In fact, folks are still tweeting that it has to be McElwain.

While multiple people were tweeting about the photo, Anneka Svenska helped send it viral.

Well, as it turns out, McElwain did in fact see the photo, and Deadspin reached out to the University of Florida to see if McElwain had any comment on it. A UF spokesman confirmed to the site that it wasn’t McElwain.

“He’s told us it’s not him,” the spokesperson said.

It looks like McElwain was actually in Gainesville Sunday, too.

I assume McElwain will be asked about his thoughts on Shark Week during his next press conference.