On his weekly radio show, Florida coach Jim McElwain talked about his team clinching the SEC East with a 9-7 win over Vanderbilt and previewed the Gators’ matchup with South Carolina this Saturday.

On winning the SEC East in his first season:

“This isn’t something about a countdown clock, or a picture of this championship or a trophy – it’s about every single day that you go to work. The results will happen based on the investment that you put into it.”

On the white helmets the Gators wore against Vanderbilt, instead of the usual orange:

“The purpose of the helmet, for homecoming, – we put the script Gators on one side and the block F on the other side – was to link the present to the past. Something about homecoming is it’s a chance to honor all those great Gators who have played. It’s one of those ideas our guys really bought into – we have a legacy to uphold.”

On Veterans Day:

“It’s something we talk to our team about. The understanding of what that day means – for all those that serve, all those that have served, all those that have given their lives for us and our freedoms.”

On preparing for noon kickoffs:

“Last week, we had breakfast everyday of the week at 8:01…This week we moved practice up on Wednesday to 12:01.”

On practice this week:

“They were feeling a little sorry for themselves on Monday. They were embarrassed. We were able to show things on film that were uncharacteristic in how we were finishing the play. As we got later in the week, I think they were able to get over themselves and stop pouting.”

On Florida out-performing opponents in the punting game:

“That’s a hidden yards advantage we talk about. … (Punter) Johnny (Townsend) is hitting not only deep ones, but high ones. … Guys are making unselfish efforts to win their one-on-one in punt returns. … (Punt returner) Antonio (Callaway) has the easy part.”

On DL Jonathan Bullard’s status for Saturday:

“He got out there and took some reps today. … We’ll see, it will be a game-time deal. I know how much it means to him to be part of this team and help us continue our journey to the top. Right now, it would be questionable. He’s chomping at the bit to get back out there.”

On former UF and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier:

“I’ve studied his passing game everywhere I’ve been. He’s an innovator.”

On South Carolina and interim coach Shawn Elliott:

“They’ve got a little bit of an Appalachian State influence from (Elliott). They’ve got a little more option. … They’re playing really good, and don’t forget that this team beat a North Carolina team at the beginning of the year that has since run the table.”