Though the Florida Gators have made it to back-to-back SEC Championship Games, they aren’t living up to expectations this year.

That has fueled some speculation as to whether coach Jim McElwain may be interested in leaving Gainesville.

McElwain is a Montana native and, with Oregon State recently parting ways with coach Gary Andersen, there are rumors that Coach Mac could pack up and head west.

During his Monday press conference, though, McElwain put those rumors to rest, saying he’s excited for his incoming recruiting class at Florida and is focused on the upcoming game against Georgia.

“No,” McElwain said. “It’s interesting. It’s that time of year and those are things that people throw out. At the same time, we’ve got a hell of a group coming in. We’re playing a lot of young guys right now that are playing pretty darn hard and have a chance to be pretty good players. Our main focus is what we did in the bye week now moving forward to go play Georgia. No, haven’t given it any thought.”

The Gators may be having a down year, but it’s clear McElwain believes things will turn around quickly, so it sounds like he’ll be staying put.