Joel Klatt spoke with NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah about Anthony Richardson on Tuesday’s version of the ‘Joel Klatt Show’. Klatt had an interesting comparison for Richardson to a current NFL player.

Richardson led Florida to a 6-6 regular season finish, before opting out of the Gators’ bowl game against Oregon State. Richardson played in all 12 regular season games and had 2,549 yards passing with 26 total touchdowns.

Klatt believes that a fair comparison for Richardson is Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen.

“The more I watch, the more it reminds me of Josh Allen. I remember what I said about Josh Allen, unfortunately. I was pounding the table that he wasn’t accurate enough. When I go back and think to myself about what I missed, I missed all the things you just talked about. Downfield passing attack, not very good in skill positions. All those things that would lift a completion percentage up.”

Klatt further went on to explain how there is a difference between quarterbacks who are accurate passers and quarterbacks who complete a lot of their passes.

“There’s accurate passers, and then there’s guys who complete a lot of passes. Those are not necessarily the same thing in particular with the eclectic nature of systems that we see today in college football.”

Do you agree with Klatt’s comparison for Richardson?