When you have as many talented running backs as the Florida Gators do, it makes sense to try to get them all some touches.

Last year, Florida gave plenty of carries to Jordan Scarlett, Lamical Perine and Mark Thompson, all of whom had some success when called upon.

However, Scarlett — who led the team with 179 carries for 889 yards and six touchdowns — hopes things will be different his fall and that the Gators will feed him even more carries.

According to 247Sports, Scarlett cited the Gators’ 3.7 yards-per-carry average, which ranked 106th in the country, as a big reason he believes the team should ditch the running-back-by-committee approach:

“Considering last year, I don’t think splitting carries would be a good thing because it obviously got us ranked last,” Scarlett said. “But I don’t know, that’s not up to me.”

Scarlett had a solid 5.0 yards-per-carry average when he got the ball, but added that he found it difficult to get into a rhythm sometimes when he would have to alternate series with other backs. He said he hopes the Gators use a new system this fall:

“I don’t know how they really felt about it, but me personally I felt that way,” Scarlett said.

Of course, with Perine and Thompson also returning, the Gators will need to make sure they get their fair share of carries, too, but perhaps Scarlett has a point.

He performed the best last season, so if he gets his way, he’ll be rewarded with even more touches this fall.