Kadarius Toney had one of the rougher professional football performances in recent memory last Thursday night for the Kansas City Chiefs.

One player cannot lose a team a football game, but he came pretty close. An easy catch went right through his hands, was tipped and returned for a Lions touchdown about midway through the game. At another point the Chiefs had a chance at a big yardage play to Toney, but he once again couldn’t haul it in, stalling the drive.

It really was that bad. But bad games happen, and Toney has proven his worth to Kansas City before. He took full accountability for his blunders Wednesday afternoon.

“I told coach, I told Pat, all the guys — that’s on me,” Toney said. “At the end of the day, y’all count on me and rely on me to make certain plays, and I’ve got to be there to do that. There’s really no excuse, nothing you can blame it on — none of that. I know I could have made those plays.”

Kansas City and Toney are back in action this Sunday as the defending Super Bowl champs take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.