Even if you’re not a fan of SEC basketball, watching Florida star Keyontae Johnson collapse on the court during a game against Florida State in December still probably shook you emotionally.

Johnson suffered a scary medical incident and spent several days in the hospital recovering. Now, he continues to work with doctors to try to figure out what happened and whether he can play again.

Johnson has been ruled out for the rest of this season, but he’s thankful he has a second chance at life. In a detailed interview with Chris Harry of FloridaGators.com, Johnson expressed his gratitude toward the cardiologist who rushed onto the court to help save his life:

“I would say I’m blessed to be here, yes. There’s just not a lot more to say that that,” Johnson said, recalling that day when a cardiologist — like a guardian angel from above — just happened to be sitting courtside in Tallahassee and ran onto the floor to assist. “I was passed out. I could have died. She jumped out on the court and saved me. If it isn’t for her, I may not have had a second chance in life. You just can’t take life for granted.”

While Johnson is certainly thankful to be alive, he’s also eager to see if he can play again. So, does he think he’ll be back on the court at some point?

“I do. Right now, until the doctors say other otherwise, I’m going to stick with the positive mindset that I’m playing again. Some time. Yes, I do.”

Hopefully, Johnson will make a full recovery and get back on the court next season. Florida fans (and fans across all of college basketball) will be rooting for him.