There are few quarterbacks who played in the NFL who have an idea what Florida’s Kyle Trask is thinking these days. But Peyton Manning is one of them.

Though he had a longer career as a college starter, Manning can relate to Trask’s experience coming out of college and getting set for the NFL Draft. Manning on a Sunday morning SportsCenter segment for the “QB21” series with ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit, per 247Sports. Manning recalled how he threw 28 interceptions as an NFL rookie, which still remains a record, and deadpanned, “If you want to break that, Kyle, that’s fine with me.”

Trask then asked Manning about the speed of the game, and how to make that transition to the NFL. But Manning noted that Trask already has a bit of an edge by playing at Florida and in the SEC.

“If I could go back and do my rookie year all over again, I think there’s a fine line, Kyle, between respect the game and the speed of it but not over-respecting it where you’re hesitant and you think, ‘Oh, I can’t make that throw. That’s an NFL defensive back. There’s no way I can throw that,'” Manning said. “I think I probably did a little bit of too much of that, and maybe over-respected it and I just didn’t play well. But give it the respect that it does deserve, right? These NFL defensive backs, they can cover. The windows are tighter. There are certain throws that you just can’t make and you’ve got to throw it away. That was my hardest thing.”