Kyle Trask has not logged many regular-season snaps during his professional career, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to be confident in the former Florida standout taking over in the post-Tom Brady era.

Bruce Arians was Tampa Bay’s head coach for Kyle Trask’s 2021 rookie season. Arians stepped down in 2022 but remains with the Buccaneers as a senior advisor. He said the Bucs like what they have in Trask.

“I think we’re in good hands with Kyle Trask,” Arians said on The Rich Eisen Show this week. “I love Kyle, he’s been there 2 years now, saw Tom work. Blaine Gabbert was a great mentor for him.”

Trask receiving minimal playing time with Gabbert, who can become a free-agent, serving as the backup. Arians explained that the Bucs will see who else is out there, but the team is comfortable with Trask as being the main quarterback.

“But just like three years ago, you’ve gotta search what’s behind door No. 2,” Arians told Eisen. “Three years ago, we never would’ve guessed Tom Brady was behind door No. 2. So you do your research, you do all your homework, and you decide what’s best for you. But right now, I’m very comfortable if Kyle’s our guy.”

Tampa Bay General Manager Jason Licht sounds not only comfortable with Trask, but confident in the former Heisman Trophy finalist. Licht reportedly believes that the Bucs would have the NFC South’s best quarterback with Trask as the starter, per ESPN insider Jeff Darlington.

“The Bucs, from my conversations with the organization, they do feel like Kyle Trask is likely to be the guy under center,” Darlington said during a recent TV appearance. “I feel pretty confident that they’re going that direction.”

Darlington continued, “I think [Licht] believes Kyle Trask has what it takes to be a winner in this league. And he looks around the division, and he says, ‘well, we’ve got the best quarterback in the division at the very least’. So I’m not saying that means much, but I think that he at least thinks they can be competitive with Kyle Trask.”