There’s no doubt that Brenton Cox’s transfer from Georgia to Florida will add some spice to the rivalry.

Florida RB Lamical Perine met with reporters on Thursday and put it bluntly: “He came from Georgia so I’m sure they’re pretty salty about that.”

Coach Dan Mullen has said Florida is applying for a waiver for the linebacker to play immediately, and sounded optimistic earlier in the week about receiving one. Cox has already impressed teammates  in recent practices, including WR Trevon Grimes, who said, “He does moves I’ve never seen.”

For his part, Cox has made it known that, “All these shots I’m takin, they must not know I’m Bulletproof.”

Earlier, Georgia coach Kirby Smart shrugged off the move.

“Brenton chose to withdraw from the University of Georgia … He’s now at another SEC institution,” Smart told reporters. “We wish him all the best.”

Some Georgia fans have poked at Florida by saying that Mullen finally landed a 5-star recruit by taking someone that couldn’t win a starting job in camp at Georgia. Florida fans, meanwhile, counter that Cox will finally develop under a different coaching staff.

Dates to circle: Nov. 2 this season and Oct. 31 next season.

Salty or not, one thing is certain: This chatter won’t stop anytime soon.