Yesterday on Twitter, Leon Orr explained that he would “have a chance to respond on the proper format.” Well, it looks like the former Gators defensive lineman has decided to respond.

In a letter he shared with Zach Abolverdi of The Gainesville Sun, Orr thoroughly explains the sacrifices he had made during his time with the Florida Gators and even calls out head coach Will Muschamp.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

At the end of the day, I acted irrational and went with the gut feeling in my heart instead of breaking down what was going on.  I could have made a better decision, but to say that I quit on my team is a lie. Personally, I feel like the coach quit on me. For all of this drama and confusion, I apologize to the Gator Nation. I love my university more than anything. I love going out in the swamp and playing for over a million fans.  When you watch me out there and you see me on social media, you can tell that I love my school and I love my brothers. I apologize for how everything ended, I really do.

You can read the full letter here.

Orr was dismissed from the team on Saturday when he told Muschamp prior to the Vanderbilt game that if he didn’t start, he was going to leave. Muschamp sent him back to Gainesville on a bus and the head coach told the media afterward that Orr “was no longer on the team.”

As of Monday, Muschamp said there’s nothing Orr can do to change his status and return to the team.