Earlier this week, SEC Network host Paul Finebaum called Dan Mullen “Steve Spurrier Jr.,” a high compliment for a guy entering his second season at the helm of the Florida program.

However, former Florida WR and current SEC Network analyst Chris Doering agrees with Finebaum’s comments, saying Mullen is already drawing those comparisons.

During an appearance on SiriusXM Radio, Doering said the Mullen-Spurrier comparisons are absolutely accurate:



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“I welcome it,” Doering said. “He’s spot on. I mean, it’s a comparison, I think, that a lot of us locally have made as well. I’m thrilled with it. I think if he can have the same sort of success, if you told Dan Mullen right now that he could have the same sort of win-loss record and same sort of achievements that Coach Spurrier had at Florida, he’d be all in.”

The Head Ball Coach obviously brought a title to The Swamp in 1996, so Mullen will have to get a ring to fully match those comparisons, but he does seem to have the Gators going in the right direction these days.