Recently, Florida AD Scott Stricklin said the Gators would be willing to play UCF if the Knights were willing to do a two-for-one deal.

However, UCF AD Danny White is not having it. After finishing the past two regular seasons undefeated (with a game coming up against LSU in the Fiesta Bowl), White thinks the Knights are above two-for-ones.

During an appearance on ESPNU Radio on SiriusXM on Wednesday, White again claimed bias from the College Football Playoff committee and ripped Florida’s offer:

“We’ve accomplished a lot,” he said. “We’ve won two New Year’s 6 bowl games in the past five years and we’re about to play in our third. We don’t need to be playing two-for-ones. I don’t think anybody in our position in college football would agree to do a two-for-one, unless it was in our favor.”

Yes, UCF has accomplished a lot, but the strength of schedule is still atrocious. White’s insistence on being treated like a Power 5 team when it comes to scheduling is going to do nothing but ensure that the Playoff committee is going to continue to knock them for their weak schedules.

Suggestion for White — stop scheduling FCS squads and get those that are currently on future schedules paid off so the Knights can pursue other options.