Recently, the Florida Gators have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. On Sunday night, players on Florida’s roster attacked transferring DB Chris Steele on Twitter, even though his reason for leaving seems to be that he wasn’t allowed to get a new roommate despite his current roommate being an alleged sexual assaulter.

That, obviously, wasn’t a good look for the Gators, but when a Florida State player tried to jump in, it allowed the Gators to start teeing off on the Seminoles instead.

As you can see below, FSU S Jaiden Woodbey responded to Trevon Grimes’ since-deleted tweet calling out Steele by saying it didn’t make him tough:

That caught the attention of Florida WR Jacob Copeland, who called out Woodbey for the Noles’ huge loss to the Gators in 2018:

No, the Gators don’t look great in this situation, but the Seminoles probably should have just stayed out of it. Woodbey can now attest to that.