There’s no doubt about who the first tight end to be drafted in the 2021 NFL Draft will be.

That honor will go to Florida’s Kyle Pitts, who just finished off an incredible season with the Gators in 2020.

So, who is the best NFL comparison for Pitts? On ESPN’s First Draft Podcast, Mel Kiper Jr. said he’d compare Pitts to Pro Football Hall of Fame TE Kellen Winslow Sr. out of Mizzou (via 247Sports):

“I don’t think (I’ve ever had a tight-end this high on the Big Board),” Kiper said on the ESPN First Draft Podcast. “I mean I go back to Kellen Winslow Sr. (in the 1987 NFL Draft). I scouted Kellen Winslow Sr. … at Missouri and (he) was a great player for the Chargers. And he had a very high grade when he came out. But when you really go back to tight ends, (Pitts is) a receiving entity, I don’t know how we can … we have to come up with a name for that combo (of receiver and tight end). Because that’s what (Pitts is). I just felt like putting him at five, with Jaylen Waddle there, but in terms of a true tight end I’m with you up there at five.

“And some people might have a little higher than that, some a little lower, but he’s certainly in the top 10. I think there is no debate about that. Will he go into top 10? Maybe, maybe not. I think the Giants are as far as he will drop, just because of the position and what they need and what other teams with other players may force up there with the quarterbacks.”

How high will Pitts be taken? Will he embark on a Hall of Fame career of his own? He’s certainly getting plenty of buzz heading into April’s draft.