Even though both Florida State and Florida have struggled this season and both are in danger of missing a bowl game, that doesn’t mean that this game with the Gators isn’t important, and FSU head coach Mike Norvell understands that.

Norvell discusses his team’s preparations for the game this week going into The Swamp.

“It’s not just what we do this week, throughout the course of the season you try to prepare for the atmosphere playing on the road and we’ve been in hostile environments before,” he said. “It’s about how our guys handle those situations. The emotions of a rivalry game, I think you can build off a few weeks ago. We were in those of those games and we talked about the importance of our composure, of our poise, our focus. We did a solid job of that, but it’s something we’re going to have to be better at here being on the road.

“I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how our guys respond to that situation. It’s one of those things you can prepare them all that you want, but in the moment you’ve got to apply it and that’s going to be one of the keys to this game.”

Novell also discussed the Florida quarterback situation. Emory Jones was injured earlier this week, but he’s returned to practice. As far as Florida’s plan for Saturday, it’s unknown at this time.

“They’re both very capable and you see the versatility. They’re both explosive movers,” Norvell said. “They have very strong arms. As they’ve grown throughout the offense, you see where certain guys are more comfortable with being asked different things than others, but both of these guys are very capable quarterbacks and you have to account for their arms as well as what they do with their legs.”

FSU will kickoff against the Gators at 12 pm ET.