Florida and Dan Mullen are facing a host of penalties following violations of NCAA recruiting contact rules on two occasions, the NCAA announced on Tuesday.

The NCAA also said Mullen did not promote an atmosphere of compliance.

At issue is what the NCAA said the university, Mullen and an unnamed assistant coach with NCAA enforcement staff agreed that the assistant coach and Mullen had impermissible in-person contact with a prospect when they met with a prospect’s high school coach while the prospect was in the room.

At that meeting, the Florida coaches expressed an interest in recruiting the prospect. Leading up to that visit, the head coach sent the prospect texts about his upcoming visit to the high school and his interest in recruiting the prospect. NCAA rules were violated because off-campus recruiting contacts are not allowed until after a football prospect’s junior year of high school. The violations were Level II.

Members of the coaching staff also had impermissible contact with about 127 prospects when seven nonscholastic football teams visited the campus and toured the football facilities on their way to a tournament in Tampa. The assistant coach had incidental impermissible contacts with several prospects.

Florida is facing penalties, which includes one year of probation, and a one-year show-cause order for Mullen. During that period, Mullen is prohibited from all off-campus recruiting activity during the fall 2020 evaluation period and a four-day off-campus recruiting ban during the fall 2021 contact period.

The penalties also reduced evaluation days and telephone calls.

The university banned the head coach from recruiting for the first 10 days of the January 2020 contact period, and a 30-day off-campus recruiting ban for the head coach during the fall 2019 evaluation period.