Who will be the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys? That’s a question that has been asked quite a bit for a team that still has a head coach — Jason Garrett.

However, if the Cowboys fail to reach the playoffs (and perhaps even if they do), Garrett may end up getting fired after all.

On Rich Eisen’s radio show on Monday, college football insider Bruce Feldman said an interesting name could pop up in the Cowboys’ coaching search. Per Feldman, NFL analyst Daniel Jeremiah thinks Florida coach Dan Mullen could be the next Cowboys coach, citing his connection to current Dallas QB Dak Prescott:

“Our friend Daniel Jeremiah made a prediction to me a week or two ago, saying that he think it’ll be Dan Mullen, who’s an Urban Meyer protege who, by the way, coached and developed Dak Prescott,” Feldman said. “I had not heard that from anybody else. He kinda put about 2+2+2 together and got there.”

Mullen has the Gators on a winning path, it seems. Would he really leave that behind to try his hand in the NFL? A lot of things need to happen for us to get to that point, but that is certainly an interesting thought from Jeremiah.