Each offseason when the NFL Draft rolls around, a quarterback nearly always manages to find his way to the top of the draft board.

With the game of football shifting more and more responsibilities to the quarterback position, you simply cannot win at a high level without an elite signal-caller. Thus, their value increases, which is only compounded when you consider there are only so many elite passers that come out of college football.

Taking that all into consideration, it’s no surprise to see mock drafts with Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields and Mac Jones at, or near, the top of the draft board.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best prospects in the draft, they just play the position that’s the most critical to wins and losses in the NFL.

During a recent Zoom call, NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah shared his thoughts on the draft prospect that has the most consensus respect around the league — and it’s not a quarterback.

“If you were going to pick the player most likely to have a Hall of Fame career in this draft class, I think the overwhelming choice around the NFL would be Kyle Pitts,” Jeremiah said according to the NFL Network.

Jeremiah is more plugged in than the vast majority of media members, he’s even received interest from NFL teams regarding his interest in joining their front office, and if his take on Pitts is accurate, look for the Gator standout to go very high in the upcoming NFL Draft.