Despite having 2 losses, Oklahoma came into the Cotton Bowl playing as good as any team in college football. Meanwhile, Florida was reeling off of 2 straight losses to LSU and Alabama.

Wednesday night got even uglier for the Gators during the 55-20 blowout loss. The Sooners had their way with the Gators defense, torching it for 684 yards and rolling up 435 rushing yards.

Leading up to the game, Florida linebacker James Houston gave the Sooners some bulletin board material that OU players surely wouldn’t forget about.

“I think this is more about what we want to put on film, what we want to put on tape, going out and just showing what the Florida Gators can do, showing that Oklahoma is a good match-up but they’re not on our level,” Houston said. “They’re not SEC. They’re not the Florida Gators. So we should put on a good show.”

If you’re going to make pregame comments like that you best have a defense that can back it up. Florida didn’t Wednesday night and didn’t have that type of defense all season long either.

Sooners quarterback Spencer Rattler, who accounted for 4 touchdowns, and defensive lineman Isaiah Thomas let Florida know about it, too.