Fans don’t waste any time do they?

According to Russ Wood of, the domain name already exists.

The website domain name is registered to a man named Wes Plympton from St. Augustine, Fla.

Luckily for Mr. Plympton, his gamble paid off. He registered the domain name Tuesday evening, nearly two full days before McElwain was even hired.

We’ve seen these kinds of websites pop up for nearly every head coach in college football it seems like. Even websites dedicated to hiring a coach are often a thing, as we witnessed earlier in the season thanks to

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But this may be a new record in regard to a website dedicated to the firing of a coach. McElwain, who officially became Florida’s next head coach on Thursday has yet to even coach a game for the Gators.

Actually, he hasn’t even had his introductory press conference yet.

I understand that this Mr. Plympton is probably just hoping to a make a quick buck in the event that the McElwain hire implodes on the Gators in a few years, but this may be a little bit presumptuous.

Either way, Gator Nation is hoping this time around, a website dedicated to the firing of their coach won’t be a necessity.