The Florida State Attorney’s office has made its decision, Otis Yelverton will not be charged with cyberstalking.

You may recall Yelverton was placed on leave by Florida two months prior after it was alleged that he left threatening voicemails to an ex-girlfriend. More specifically, according to a report from Rivals, Yelverton threatened to blow up his ex-girlfriend’s car on a voicemail and either called, texted or messaged on Facebook 40 times after their breakup.

With the Florida State Attorney’s office declining to press charges against Yelverton in the case, the former Florida assistant director of player personnel released the following statement, including the news that he will not be returning to Dan Mullen’s program. Yelverton followed Mullen from Starkville to Gainesville after the coach left Mississippi State.

This statement from Yelverton comes via Chris Vannini of The Athletic: