Paul Finebaum knows a coach in trouble when he sees one, and he issued a stark warning about Dan Mullen’s future at Florida on a Sunday podcast after Florida’s loss to Georgia.

The SEC Network host and ESPN college football commentator laid out with Matt Barrie the schedule down the stretch for the Gators on the ESPN College Football Podcast. That includes at South Carolina, Samford, at Missouri and Florida State.

“Those are all very winnable games. Should he lose one of those games, just beware. It’s already nasty and negative in relation to Dan Mullen,” Finebaum said. “I will spare you I’m sure Dan Mullen is in good shape because I think I said that a week ago and he’s the best play caller in America, but fans, the ones I talked to over the weekend in Jacksonville, their anger is growing toward him.”

There are several well-known reasons why fans are upset with Mullen.

“They don’t think he can recruit on an elite level, which is very important when you have Kirby Smart, who is I think the best recruiter in the country, and that includes Nick Saban,” Finebaum said. “Kirby Smart never stops recruiting. I was talking to one of his top people Saturday morning in Jacksonville and we were joking about Kirby because he came over to the set. It’s unusual for a coach on the day of a big game like that, unless it’s GameDay. He’s always out recruiting, he never stops. He’s just one of these compulsive recruiters and he’s very good at it. Dan Mullen kind of does it haphazardly and it has hurt him.”

One point in Mullen’s favor is he has a history of developing players, like former QB Kyle Trask, but recruiting in general is a big argument against him, Finebaum said.

“There’s great disgust directed toward Todd Grantham the defensive coordinator, who came over with Dan Mullen from Mississippi State,” Finebaum said. “So I think there’ll be a lot of changes at the end of the season. Dan Mullen will survive, but the question is for how long.”