Dan Mullen did not put himself and the Florida program in the best light on Saturday at halftime of the Missouri game. How he’ll be punished by the SEC office, though, is still up for debate.

SEC Network host Paul Finebaum offered his opinion on how it would shake out on his regular Monday appearance on “The Roundtable” on WJOX 94.5 in Birmingham, Alabama.

“I don’t think he’ll be suspended,” Finebaum said. “I really would like to have seen more than one version of what happened. I don’t know if the replay booth has a couple of different versions here. Certainly if he’s not fined, I think Lane Kiffin will be outfront pretty quickly. He’s undoubtedly going to be fined. I don’t think he’ll be suspended.”

Finebaum added that he believes Mullen is an outstanding coach, but his behavior in recent weeks has been uneven.

“His last four or five weeks have been dangerously unpredictable and downright difficult to watch,” Finebaum said. “Going back to the fertile territory of the Swamp being filled and everything that happened after that. I just think you have to use good judgement. And he used terrible judgement. I think Scott Stricklin, his boss, his second go around being his boss, got him out of the last couple with very diplomatic, even stilted conversation. I don’t know where he goes here. It was the wrong look. Everything about it was wrong.”

Florida returns to action this week against Georgia, but in the mean time, the SEC office will likely hand down its punishment.