On Veterans Day every year, we are all reminded of the incredible courage our Armed Forces exhibit in the face of some of the greatest adversity.

One Navy veteran, who is also a Florida Gator fan, felt the need to pen an open letter to embattled Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel and encourage the redshirt junior during this time of adversity he’s facing on the football field.


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From the letter:

I know that you have faced adversity, and suspect that it has been even more severe than most of us realize. Nevertheless, I have been impressed by the manner in which you have conducted yourself.

After returning from a season-ending leg injury, Driskel was Florida’s starting quarterback at the beginning of the season, but a rough season led to his benching.

Driskel threw for 928 yards, six touchdowns and 10 interceptions in seven games for the Gators this season.