With Brenton Cox Jr. now at Florida, the big question is when he’ll be able to suit up and play. Gators coach Dan Mullen excited UF fans during his Monday press conference when he told reporters that he felt good about the chance of Cox receiving an immediate eligibility waiver, which would allow the former 5-star recruit to play immediately instead of having to sit out a season.

Mullen’s optimism contrasted speculation from reporters, including Will Sammon of The Athletic, who told Paul Finebaum on Friday that based on what was publicly known about the situation, he did not expect Cox to receive a waiver. Few people know more about the waiver process than Tom Mars, the attorney who has helped many players, including Florida WR Van Jefferson, obtain the waiver after transferring. Mars doesn’t expect Cox to receive the waiver.

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“Unless there’s some well-kept secret that would qualify him for a waiver, I’d say chances of Brenton Cox getting a waiver are approximately zero,” Mars told Chip Towers of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday.

Mars’ “well-kept secret” qualifier is important to note. It is certainly possible that Mullen’s confidence comes from knowing something about the situation that others do not. Gator Nation is certainly watching this story closely.