Florida DB John Huggins has been absent from the team so far during fall camp with what is being described as a “family issue.”

However, this week, the Tampa Bay Times discovered that there have been alleged instances of violence against women in Huggins’ recent past.

Per the report, Huggins is accused of assaulting a female tutor on multiple occasions:

In October, a 19-year-old student accused Huggins of choking her during a tutoring session, according to a police report obtained this week by the Tampa Bay Times and other news outlets. Huggins was upset, the report alleges, because the tutor took his phone to make sure he would stay for the entire session (which she said Huggins often failed to do).

The woman had previously been made uncomfortable because Huggins pulled her hair in an earlier tutoring session, according to the report. She did not pursue a criminal case, and no charges were filed from the battery complaint.

Mullen said that isn’t the reason Huggins is away from the team at the moment, though:

“That’s all been handled,” Mullen said.

The Tampa Bay Times report notes that this marks five instances of alleged violence against women committed by Florida players since Dan Mullen took over a year and a half ago. Three of those players were arrested at the time.