Former Florida player John Huggins had a bit of an unusual departure from the Gators program. Now a new report adds another element to what may have led to his exit.

Huggins, who has since transferred to FCS Robert Morris, previously was the subject of allegations that he choked a female student tutor on campus in 2018. Charges were never pursued, but Huggins was away from the Gators when they opened fall camp. That led to the defensive back eventually being dismissed from the program.

Now a report from The Independent Florida Gator alleges that a family has accused Huggins of raping an underage teenager earlier this year when he was still with the program.

The grandmother of the alleged victim spelled out the allegations in an email to university officials, athletic officials and reporters the next day, describing the circumstances of the alleged rape. Three days later, Huggins was dismissed from the team.

The grandmother’s email was sent in response to a report from the Tampa Bay Times after Mullen’s press conference on Aug. 6 revealing that Huggins was accused of choking a female tutor in October 2018. Florida coach Dan Mullen said he was aware of it at the conference but said it had “been handled,” referring to Huggins’ five-game absence in the aftermath of last season’s allegation.

The Florida football team did not give an immediate reason for Huggins’ dismissal. When asked why Huggins was dismissed from the team, Mullen said it was for “not living up to what we expect of the Gator standard,” at a press conference.

Last season, Huggins played in eight games for Florida as a freshman, with three tackles and an interception. He was expected to have a bigger role with the Gators this year before he was let go.