The father of a former Ohio State player who transferred to Florida believes that Ohio State coach Urban Meyer was aware of a racially-charged altercation between his son and former OSU assistant Zach Smith.

The incident allegedly happened in September 2017, and it was between Trevon Grimes and Smith and something that Meyer helped keep quiet. Ohio State officials and Zach Smith deny the allegations, Brett McMurphy reported at Watch Stadium.

This is at least the third incident this week involving the Smiths. Zach Smith went on a wild rant against Tom Herman, the Texas coach and former OSU assistant. And Smith’s ex-wife released a statement that disputed those charges.

Trevon Grimes abruptly left Ohio State last fall, transferred to Florida in January and was ruled eligible to play six months later without sitting out a season. Getting to the truth proved difficult, McMurphy reported, amid allegations of racism, fraud and conspiracy involving parties with sordid pasts.

Grimes played in just two games as a freshman for Ohio State before family matters related to his mother forced him to change schools. The initial reports following his transfer were because he wanted to move back near his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

McMurphy reported that he conducted an interview with LeBron Grimes, the father, who said his son told the father he wanted to leave, and was very emotional.

“He said, ‘I can’t take it anymore. I just want to leave.’ Trevon went up to Ohio State in August (2017) and in two months after I sent him up there – it’s supposed to be the greatest moment of his life and I’m feeling it’s a blessing – I get a phone call from him crying, angry and confused,” LeBron said. “His mom (Leah Grimes) was the first one to call me. That’s why I knew it was bad when his mother called me. Trevon said, ‘You have to get me out of this situation.’”

Trevon told his father he got into an altercation with Smith at practice.

LeBron Grimes said his son told him that “Zach got up in his face and called him a ‘bitch ass n – – – – -’ and said, ‘I should have never recruited you.’ And then Trevon said something to Zach about him messing around with college girls.”

Trevon Grimes’ parents are divorced, and his mother would not be interviewed for the Watch Stadium story. But she said in a statement that “the NCAA cleared TreVon for eligibility based on their rules after I provided the required documentation about my illness. My oncologist has attested to it.”

“If my ex-husband is the person spreading these rumors, everyone should know that neither I nor TreVon have any contact with him whatsoever.”

LeBron Grimes offered a different version.

“I knew there was a lot of covering up. Trevon just wanted to play ball, whatever story they wrote up,” LeBron said. “I looked at him and I was like, ‘Wow.’ Not one person ever questioned the truth.

“If Urban says it, people say it’s true. Urban is more powerful than the truth. No one questioned it. I didn’t want to be part of (it) because I knew it wasn’t true.”

Trevon Grimes has played in all 10 games for the No. 15-ranked Gators. He has 17 receptions for 194 yards. His only touchdown of the season was against Charleston Southern in the season opener.