It feels like ages ago that the biggest story in college football was the investigation on Urban Meyer regarding his former assistant Zach Smith’s alleged domestic abuse.

Smith has vehemently maintained his innocence throughout the entire process, taking to social media several times to claim it. However, things slowed down once the college football regular season was underway.

As of this past Sunday, Zach Smith is back to his Twitter-ranting ways. This time, going after Texas head coach Tom Herman.





For those who need a refresher, Tom Herman and Zach Smith were on the same Ohio State staff from 2012-2014. Herman’s name was brought up during all the Smith controversy, admitting to a 2014 incident at a Florida strip club.

Smith claims to have information that can damage Herman, and even brings his wife into the mix, raising claims of Herman’s infidelity.

Smith continued, bringing in reporter Brett McMurphy, who broke the original story about Smith’s alleged abuse.


Smith even shared a screenshot of his messages to Herman, threatening to expose him.



If Sunday is any indication, Smith may not be done tweeting. Stay tuned for developments in what is certainly an unexpected twist in this saga.