Tim Tebow’s move from quarterback to tight end has been a secondary storyline to all the attention he’s received about returning to the NFL and signing to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But that may not be his only position in Urban Meyer’s new offense, as NFL insider Dianna Russini recently shared on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

“There are people in camp right now who strongly believe the reason why Urban Meyer brought Tim Tebow in is not to play tight end, but actually to use him in that utility role, that Taysom Hill role that we see Sean Payton use in New Orleans,” Russini said, per 247Sports. “In terms of comparing the two, we always talk about on this show how much Sean Payton loves Taysom Hill. It’s been very obvious over the years. That same kind of love is what Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer have between each other. It could be a very similar situation, but in terms of football, this is something we could be seeing.”

While Tebow jerseys have seen soaring sales in recent days, the biggest question around this story in the offseason is if he’ll make the cut on Jacksonville’s 53-man roster or if the franchise has other plans for him, between the current 90-man roster and the one that starts the season.