Tim Tebow’s baseball career is not over yet.

The Florida legend has discussed plans for the 2021 season after this past season was cut short because of the coronavirus pandemic.

New York Mets president Sandy Alderson recently told reporters about a conversation he had with Tebow.

“He’s anxious to come back. And I told Tim, ‘Look, why would you want to end your quest based on a COVID-related reason? You didn’t get a chance to perform this year.’ He was hurt a little bit the previous year. So I think Tim is committed to coming back. And I think we’re committed to giving him an opportunity to do that and we’ll see where it goes,” Alderson said, according to the New York Post. “This is not a quest without end. At some point it will culminate. But I think that will be at a time when Tim and the organization come to some agreement about where he is and what his potential is. But I didn’t want him to go out based on some COVID-related interruption.”

Alderson, who returned to the Mets as team president earlier this month, was general manager when the organization signed Tebow in 2016, a move made partly to attract more fans. Tebow, a left fielder, has since made it to Triple-A, but a hand injury in 2019 cut his season short for the second straight year.

Tebow, 33, is not ready to give up his baseball career.

“I’m already behind the 8-ball in age and time and experience in all of these things, so of course it makes it harder,” Tebow said in a recent interview with MLB.com. “But I think at the same time, I try to learn from every bit of it. And that’s all that we can do.”

Tebow is projected to be at Triple-A Syracuse, but once next season starts, it’ll be the first regular season game for him in 21 months.

“There have definitely been some setbacks with it from two years ago when I was having what I thought was my best season,” Tebow said, referring to his All-Star first half at Double-A Binghamton in 2018. “Definitely disappointing this year with COVID, but … I’m such a believer that in some areas of my life, every setback has been an opportunity for a setup for something different and unique that I have planned. All these have been pieces of setbacks, but I think I’ve also learned from them, adapted and grown.”

Retirement is on the horizon, he understands, but not yet.

“It’s not something that I want to do forever … because there’s a lot of other things that are in my heart that I want to pursue,” Tebow said. “But it is something that is still in my heart today,”