Minutes before Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt, the Florida Gators made a surprising move to start junior WR Chris Thompson over Demarcus Robinson for reasons that remain a mystery.

The more talented Robinson finished with nine catches for 106 yards for an offense that had just 13 receptions for 165 yards. Look for Florida to start Robinson from here on out after his performance against a rising Vanderbilt defense, despite a bad fumble late in the game.

“You guys have seen this guy play for how long now and his ball security is something we talk every single day about,” coach Jim McElwain told Palm Beach Post reporter Anthony Chiang. “There’s no excuse for the fumble. Now, it’s his choice to carry the ball that way. He gives us a chance because he’s a good player, but he’s also got to understand that as you go through life, it’s about doing things right to maybe help the people around you. It ain’t always about you. He’s a good player. He cares. Hopefully, he’s learned.”

Without many options for QB Treon Harris to throw to, hopefully the coach has learned his lesson as well: He has to keep the talented wideout on the field. This Gators defense is too good to leave the offense to chance. Keep your best guys on the field coach.