Developing an offensive concept is not as complicated as some coaches and college football experts make it seem sometimes. SEC Network analyst Jordan Rodgers explains why in a very educational breakdown of the Florida offense picking apart the Ole Miss defense last week.

“When I got into the tape, I started watching and I said, ‘I recognize that play, wait there it is again, and there it is again,'” he said. “Florida ran the exact same play concept 10 different times. Kyle Trask was 9 of 10 with 2 touchdowns and absolutely destroyed Ole Miss on one concept.”

Rodgers also noted how Trask spread the ball around and hit every receiver at least once during these 10 plays.

“Dan Mullen should get a ton of credit for this game plan,” Rodgers said. “I’m not trying to over simplify it or under play it, not at all. Matter of fact, I think we overcomplicate offense many times. The best offensive coordinators, the gurus, they don’t have 800 different plays. The best ones have 8 plays they can run a hundred different ways.”