Hutson Mason had a close view of the fight at halftime of the Missouri-Florida game as he called the game on the SEC Network broadcast.

On Sunday, he tweeted that Florida coach Dan Mullen instigated the fight by storming the field. On Monday, during a segment on “The Paul Finebaum Show” Mason, a former Georgia quarterback, doubled down on those claims.

“When Dan Mullen came on the field is really when things started to unravel,” Mason said. “Because his intention, from what I saw Paul, was really never to mitigate the situation, it was really never to calm it down. He came out there maybe he originally came out there with the hopes of trying and keep his offensive linemen from doing something stupid. Their depth is already paper thin heading into the Cocktail Party.”

The distinction for Mason is who Mullen first confronted.

“But when he went out there, he really never went to his players, he went more toward the Missouri coaches and really that kind of poured gasoline on the fire,” Mason said. “As a player, your coach always tells you, if something happens on the field, stay on the sideline, keep your composure. If I’m a player and I see what Dan Mullen did, it almost justifies that I can do something like that. I think that’s really how things got out of hand as they did.”