Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway has a high ceiling on the football field, but he can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Callaway is one of the seven Gators suspended for their upcoming opener against the Michigan Wolverines. Callaway’s talent is obvious, but this isn’t the first time that the junior has had off the field issues.

Last off-season, he was involved in a sexual assault investigation. He has also been arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Why is he still on the team you ask?

He changes the complexion of the offense when on the field. The Florida offense is much more dangerous when Callaway gets his hands on the football.

Sirius XM Sports Nation caught up with former Florida coach Steve Spurrier, now a consultant to the program.

Spurrier was staunch about his feelings towards Callaway.

“Obviously, Antonio Callaway has had several instances now where people are wondering when is he going to straighten up?” he said. “I got a feeling this might be his last chance to really straighten up.”

Callaway has almost 1,400 yards and seven receiving TDs in his career at Florida despite the program lacking much arm talent at the quarterback position the last two seasons.