These days, it seems like college football coaches are constantly on the go.

If a coach isn’t preparing for next week’s game, he’s on the recruiting trail or making media appearances or doing something else related to football.

That’s why longtime Florida and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is glad he’s no longer in the coaching business, according to

“I sort of liked an offseason. There is no offseason now,” Spurrier told ESPN. “It’s year around, and guys go, go, go, but a lot of guys like that. They don’t go to the beach. They don’t play golf. They don’t travel. They don’t do other things in life. I think it helped me last 30 years as a head coach because I did have an offseason.”


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It’s clear the Head Ball Coach is enjoying his post-coaching life, something the 1996 national championship winner certainly deserves.

Here’s hoping Spurrier doesn’t completely disappear from the spotlight as he goes deeper into retirement. The football world is much better world when he’s around.