The Florida Gators enter this weekend’s game with the Georgia Bulldogs with a 4-3 record and are given basically zero chance of defeating them this weekend.

After the Gators close loss against Alabama back in September, some thought this team may be a threat to defeat the Bulldogs, however, losses to Kentucky and LSU, have now backed Dan Mullen’s team in a corner to where they have to have their best game of the year in order to pull the upset.

There have been several reasons for the Gators’ struggles this season, but former Florida head coach Steve Spurrier has given 1 simple reason why this team is struggling: poor tackling.

The Head Ball Coach, who had an 11-1 record against the Dawgs during his coaching tenure at UF, simply said “Well, we don’t tackle very well.”

If you check out the Gators’ losses to Alabama, Kentucky, and especially LSU, you’d see that he’s probably right. Now, can they correct these issues against Georgia will be the question this Saturday?