Steve Spurrier made an appearance Friday on “The Paul Finebaum Show” to discuss the Gators’ chances of defeating Alabama Saturday.

Although he says he is going with the Gators to pull out the victory, the Florida legend knows they will have to play a near-flawless game to defeat the Tide and hope Bama has an off day.

“There’s a buzz and whether or not we can do it, time will tell, but there’s a sense we’ve got a chance. I’ve got to predict the Gators, I’m not betting on it, but I’m predicting that Florida’s got a chance to come out a winner. Got to play extremely well. Hope Alabama and them has a little bit of an off day, similar to the day in Columbia 11 years ago, right.”

Here are Spurrier’s keys to the upset.

“First of all, don’t beat yourself, don’t have real stupid, careless turnovers that may lead to a touchdown. Make the other team earn their points. Hopefully, we can stay on the field a while. … We got to come play, we’ve got to call our game plan and let it go and try to stay on the field, move the ball, try to score. Sometimes you only have so many opportunities. You don’t want to be one of those guys that run 3 and punt, and next thing you look up and you’re down 14-0. We’ve got to come to the ballpark ready to try to score.”

The kickoff for the Alabama and Florida game will be 3:30 ET on CBS.