Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer are the two head coaches in Florida football history to win a national championship. They now have something else in common as Meyer accepted his first NFL gig taking the Jacksonville Jaguars head coaching job this week.

Spurrier departed Florida after the 2001 season to coach Washington. Making the jump from college to the pros did not go well for Spurrier. Meyer is making the jump to the NFL two seasons removed from his last college game.

This weekend, Spurrier joined Mad Dog Sports Radio on SiriusXM to share his thoughts on what kind of coach Meyer will be with the Jaguars.

“I believe he should have the final say and be in charge of the team,” Spurrier said. “Urban will be in charge. The head coach ultimately has to be the guy to make the call. He’ll lean on the other guys. He might say, ‘hey whos the best offensive tackle out there, you guys have watched it more than I have. You rank those guys and if we need to draft one, we’ll do that.’ He’ll lean on the NFL people but it’ll be his final call, I’d say, on just about everything.

“I think that’s very helpful. He’s got nowhere to go but up. (The) team won one game last year, he might win eight-times more games this year… I think he can win half of them just by bringing in new talent and what’s there now. I believe free agent guys will want to go to Jacksonville, the ones who really want to win… There’s a lot of NFL guys who are on a bad team that would like to play for a winner, a champion. A team that can win a Super Bowl because that’s a memory of a lifetime. We all have money, but to have a Super Bowl ring… that’s important to men who want to be winners, so I think he can attract all kinds of free agent players.”

There’s already plenty of overlap between the Gator and Jaguar fanbases, but Meyer in Duval will probably lead to even more Florida fans checking out Jacksonville games on Sundays.

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