Steve Spurrier arrived in the SEC as a coach before the current divisional format, and now that the landscape is likely to change given the pending addition of Oklahoma and Texas, the former Florida coach has weighed in on the latest possibilities.

Speaking on the “Another Dooley Noted Podcast,” Spurrier gave his thoughts on the format of the league, and what he prefers.

“If they go to 8 or 12 teams in the Playoff, it would probably be best to forget the divisions,” Spurrier said. “I still like the conference championship game. So I don’t know how they’re going to get to it. Still, everybody’s not going to play everybody. It’s still going to come down to why do we have to play them, and they don’t have to play them. As a coach, you get your players ready to play whoever the schedule says and don’t worry about it. Let those people in the commissioners office decide that, the athletics directors end up deciding those things.”

Pat Dooley asked Spurrier about a weighted schedule, similar to what the NFL uses where the top teams play one another. For example, the first-place teams play the first-place teams from other divisions.

Spurrier said, “People aren’t going to have near as good of records as we’ve always had in the SEC.”

Spurrier then highlighted the disparity in scheduling non-conference games.

“Scheduling is huge as far as the success in national championships,” Spurrier said.