There have been some great stories to come out of Tim Tebow’s football career — both at Florida and in the NFL — and one of his former New York Jets teammates told a new one recently that’s quite funny.

During an appearance on BroBible’s Endless Hustle podcast, former Jets center Nick Mangold was asked about his time playing with Tebow. The two were teammates in New York in 2012, and Mangold was among the Jets players who got to experience the hype of “Tebow Mania.”

The story that Mangold told featured a time at practice in which Tebow, who was the backup quarterback, was running a few plays with the offense. However, Tebow wouldn’t say the name of a play they were supposed to run. Its name? The ‘Y Oh S**t Screen.’

“He goes through the whole formation and gets to the last play — ‘Y … all right, screen, you guys know what it is,'” Mangold recalled. “And we’re like, ‘No, Tim, what is it?’ Then he goes, ‘No, I’m not going to say it.’ ‘I don’t know what the play is then, you’ve got to be able to say it.’ I mean, I think we ended up getting yelled at for that because we were taking forever in the huddle, but it was like, I don’t know what the ‘Y You Guys Know What It Is Screen’ is.”

Considering Tebow, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he didn’t want to say the name of that play. And it’s quite amusing that Mangold and his New York teammates had some fun with that moment in practice.

That was Tebow’s only year with the Jets, as he played in 12 games, going 6-for-8 for 39 yards and rushing for 102 yards on 32 carries. Although Tebow remained in the NFL for a few more years after that, he didn’t get into any games following 2012.