Could Tim Tebow one day coach in the SEC?

Dan Mullen believes his former star quarterback would excel in that role but isn’t sure the coaching “lifestyle” would fit the former Heisman Trophy winner from Gainesville.

During a recent appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show, Mullen was asked if there has been any talk of Tebow one day getting into coaching.

“There has a little bit, and when you talk to Tim, what I think – Paul, you know Tim – and people that know Tim well, I don’t know that the coaching lifestyle fits him, his family, his mission and his calling,” Mullen said on the show. “Believe it or not, coaching consumes a lot of your time, consumes a lot of your life.

“And, I mean, with recruiting, with coaching, with helping your players, mentoring your players. You know it’s 24-7 365. Now, to say Tim would not be good at that is wrong. Tim would be fantastic at that, but I think he has a calling beyond that to do other things. And I think that to commit himself to the coaching world, the coaching lifestyle, the coaching profession, I don’t know that that would fit his calling to do the other things and it would really take away from the things that are important to him and what his calling in life.

“So, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, even though I think he would be fantastic as a coach.”