Tim Tebow can do it all.

From breaking SEC records to winning a national title, leading his team to victory in unprecedented fashion during an NFL playoff game, holding down an on-screen color commentary position (rather well, too), sponsoring several non-profit fundraiser organizations and appearing multiple times as a motivational speaker, Tebow has quite the arsenal of talents.

But he’s not done. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Pat Forde, Tebow is set to have a book published this fall — his second since leaving college.

You know his football story. Tebow was an icon both on and off the field for the Florida Gators, claiming the 2007 Heisman Trophy and eventually the 2007-08 championship. His NFL career was cut short, however, after a two-year stint with the Denver Broncos (2010-11) and a quick appearance with the New York Jets (2012). He attempted to continue pursuing a professional career as a quarterback up until the 2015 season, where he was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles following the conclusion of the fourth preseason game.

Still, Tebow remains one of the most influential names in sports and it’s likely that this publication will become an instant top seller.