During the 2008 season, Florida QB Tim Tebow beat rival Florida State 45-15 in a rain-soaked, messy game.

The iconic images from that game involve Tebow’s jersey stained red — not with blood, but with paint from the field (and possibly a little bit of blood, who knows?).

During a chat with Urban Meyer on FOX Sports, Tebow revealed what happened to that legendary jersey. In typical Tebow fashion, it involves him doing a great thing with it:


“That is a heated (game), a lot of words exchanged beforehand, it’s a rivalry game,” he said. “I’ve got to be honest. After that season, it never got touched. It got hung up. And then the student body at the University of Florida got together and we were trying to raise funds for orphans around the world. We appealed over and over to the NCAA and they finally let us host a banquet where we could raise money for orphans. Before my senior year, we had this banquet. … We had this auction at the end of the week and that jersey went for a quarter of a million dollars at that auction and then they turned around and gave (the jersey) back to me. So I still have it, and it’s ready for another auction soon.”

Classic Tebow. Always looking out for those in need. What a great story!