Tim Tebow is well-versed in the history of the Florida-Georgia rivalry as a product of Florida’s First Coast, a 4-year Gator quarterback and SEC Network analyst.

Tebow joined “The Paul Finebaum Show” Friday on set in Jacksonville. Sharing his thoughts on the game, Tebow had high praise for his former rival.

“I think when you look from top to bottom, I think Georgia’s the best team in the country,” Tebow said. “I think when you look at their front 7, and it is really good, I think one of the most physical we’ve probably seen in the last 10 years. I think they’re playing very fundamentally sound football. I think they do almost nothing to hurt themselves. They turn the football over very rarely, they run the football, they score in the red zone and Stetson Bennett has been very efficient.”

Tebow still gives his alma mater a chance, pointing to the rivalry factor.

“I think in this game it’s a little bit different,” said Tebow,” yes Georgia’s No. 1, Florida’s unranked, but it’s like I said 2 weeks ago when Florida went to Death Valley and everybody’s saying ‘it won’t be a game, Florida’s going to kill them.’ That’s a rivalry game and you’re going into a unique environment. LSU played up to the level of their competition.

“I think Florida’s going to do the same thing. If you look at history in this game, it doesn’t always matter who’s the ranked team. It doesn’t always matter what the record is. I think Dan has coached really well in this game, even when he’s had more of an underdog team, I think you’ll see some really good things, I think he’ll use his running backs…”

If Florida, a multi-touchdown underdog, is going to pull off the massive upset, Tebow says it will come down to one thing.

“… I think the biggest question mark is can you find explosive plays. No one this year has gotten explosive plays against Georgia and because of that, they’re kind of playing behind the 8-ball,” Tebow said. “Can Florida actually put Georgia on their heels, which no one’s done. If they can, you can kind of get Georgia out of their comfort zone, and maybe you can make this thing a fourth-quarter game.”