When it comes to praise, it’s always worth noting where that praise is coming from. So, when former Florida QB Tim Tebow receives accolades from those inside the New York Mets’ organization, it’s probably best to take those with a grain of salt.

However, when opponents are praising you, that’s worth a lot more, and that’s the sort of acclaim he’s getting these days.

In an interview with the New York Post, double-A Hartford manager Warren Schaeffer said Tebow, who is currently playing for the double-A Binghamton RumblePonies, isn’t an easy out at the plate anymore:

“He looks like a different guy than last year,” Double-A Hartford manager Warren Schaeffer told The Post in a phone interview. “I saw him last year at [Single-A] Columbia. He’s come a really long way. He’s a tough out right now. We had a really tough time against Tim Tebow. He hits fastballs well. He’s a strong kid. His approach has gotten a lot better. He’s spitting on pitches now he wasn’t early on this year. You can tell he works hard.

“Before, you could beat him with a lot of stuff. You beat him hard in, beat him soft away. He had a quite a few holes [in his swing] earlier on. Now the holes have gotten smaller and smaller.”

So far this season, Tebow is hitting .256 with five home runs, 12 doubles and 27 RBI. He is also making strides in the field.

While he still has a way to go before he becomes an MLB-caliber player, he’s making the necessary strides that may one day lead him to Citi Field.