Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is doing his part to help victims of Hurricane Irma, which is closing in on the state of Florida.

Tebow was a guest on The Paul Finebaum Show on Friday and said that he’s working with Gov. Rick Scott’s office in Florida to help spread the word on volunteer efforts. Tebow said the web site for more information on volunteering is

“We don’t know what the hurricane’s going to do, but probably a lot of people are going to need help,” Tebow said while sitting alongside Finebaum. “There’s no answer for it, but the best answer we know is for people to rally together and love one another. That’s the best answer I know and it’s amazing when tragedy happens, sometimes it does bring people closer together.”

Tebow added, “to put down all the banners we fly and love one another,” as he and Finebaum discussed the devastation that hit Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

Tebow and Finebaum also discussed the game cancellations throughout Florida.

“You know how much I love football and are passionate about it, but when you’re talking about people’s lives and their possessions and everything that they hold dear, a game doesn’t compare to that. We love it. We get paid to do it, but the safety of everybody in Florida, and everybody in Texas and wherever these hurricanes are going to hit, that’s more important.”