Transferring Notre Dame QB Malik Zaire shows Gators love with Instagram follows

Nov 29, 2014; Tallahassee, FL, USA; Florida Gators helmet before the game against the Florida State Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the love between former Notre Dame quarterback Malik Zaire and the Florida Gators is more than a rumor.

After it was reported last week that Zaire and the Gators had a mutual interest in making Gainesville his next home, the future transfer’s Instagram account seems to back that report:

In an age of social media dominance, it’s easy to jump to conclusions about athletes’ personal lives based on their public sharing. Still, it would make little sense for a neutral fan, let alone a rival player to follow that many players on a random team.

As stated in the above report, the biggest hurdle that Zaire has to cross is the SEC’s transfer policy. If that kink gets ironed out before the season, signs are pointing toward Zaire’s interest in being the Gators’ next starting QB.

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  • UF much not like their current QB situation. That’s good news for all opponents.

    • Lack of depth is never a good thing. We have two redshirt freshman who have never played a snap of college ball and a Luke Del Rio, who just doesn’t have the skill to run the offense (or can’t stay healthy enough to run it). Depth and experience is needed badly.

      “That’s good news for all opponents” – remember when Austin Appleby beat yall? I do.

      • It was primarily the UF defense that beat LSU, and one huge pass by Appleby. He’s not there anymore, and neither are many of the defenders.

        • Franks is an upgrade from Appleby. So is LDR. Appleby was never meant to be a starter. That one huge pass wasn’t something that Franks can’t do (deep balls are his strongest suit, much like Appleby).

          Also when we played LSU, a majority of our starters on defense were injured in that game. Most of the players that played against LSU are returning outside of Wilson and Tabor.

    • We haven’t liked our QB situation in a long time.

  • I am certainly a Gator homer; and want us to win every game we ever play – but I can’t see much good in bringing Zaire in.

    Despite winning back-to-back East titles, I don’t think this is a “prove-it” type year in terms of wins and losses. The “prove-it” emphasis is squarely on whether or not Mac can do what he’s done most other places he’s been: develop a quarterback.
    He’s got plenty of offensive weapons in place, and the offensive line is looking the best it’s looked under his watch. At some point, Franks/Trask/Allen/Toney/Whoever is going to have to take a regular season snap and learn on the job. The guy will probably get beat to heck and make some bad decisions. But better to do all of that now, when the defensive expectations are lower than they’ve ever been, than to put it off for another year.

    No one is going to peg you to win the East this year anyway (with the exception of a few “til they prove me wrong” journalists; so turn over the reigns to the most promising youngster, take your lumps, and let’s see some long-term hope.

    • yea, remember fsu and golson? i’d avoid if possible- why let a 1 and done take away reps from those true fresh. that could ruin a program for a couple years. or at least greatly hinder their progression.

      • I’m a long time Notre Dame fan.

        I wouldn’t compare Golson and Zaire equally. Golson continued his turnover-prone ways at FSU and got himself benched. Zaire had zero turnovers in three starts. He only had three starts due to a whole lot of bad luck. He’s a potentially outstanding, if largely unproven, quarterback who could do very well given the right chance. Great runner, much better passer than he’s been given credit for.

        As for your point, true frosh can use reps, but redshirting them for a year has its advantages as well. I’d say it really depends on how well they know the position and their personality makeup. Some people thrive on improvising their way through mistakes, and some do better when they come into their first test more thoroughly prepared.

        In the end, the coach is the one who has to make the call. Although I’m sure you know more about the FU QB situation than I do, I wouldn’t second-guess the decision one way or the other unless whoever winds up starting can’t get the job done.

        • definitely not equal, but the 1 and done will always make me scratch my head as to why you would put your program at a disadvantage like that. franks has already been redshirted though.

  • I don’t want another transfer QB… Play one of the freshmen, let him take his lumps and bruises this year… it is all in the best for the team going forward to develop a multi-year player, not one and done’s that are not worthy of starting elsewhere.

    2018 is when Florida has all the pieces come together… this is a flux year gaining experience for all the young starters… including the QB. Don’t have a great team next year with a new QB… get the experience now and prepare for it next year to be great.