Florida is facing its second federal investigation over the handling of a sexual assault case involving star WR Antonio Callaway.

Callaway was initially accused of sexual assault following a December 2015 incident. He was eventually cleared of the charges and reinstated in time for the 2016 season, but there are now two ongoing investigations into Florida’s handling of the case.

The most recent investigation is the result of what appears to be a complaint by Callaway and his attorney. Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times obtained a letter sent by the government to Florida dated July 28. The letter restates that Callaway’s attorney, Huntley Johnson, has some issues with the way the University of Florida handled the investigation.

Here’s the skinny per the report:

The complaint argues that UF’s then-associate dean had improper communication and an “improper work relationship” with the woman’s attorney. Johnson has argued that the UF official, Chris Loschiavo, served as “the investigator, the prosecutor and the judge” in the case and that he did consulting work for an outside firm with ties to the complainant’s attorney.

The investigation is still ongoing.